BEHOLD! is about the heavy, the artful, the odd, and the unknown countercultural creatives in orbit around the figure of Jesus. Whether true believer or ardent atheist, and everything in-between, all voices are welcome.

As journalists, we aim to give voice to the narratives that enliven music, writing, and art for fans.  Helping to cement a place in history for those we think create deeply enough to deserve it.

In simple terms, we cover cool shit off the beaten path that has something to do with God.  With good writing and design.

For a longer manifesto of sorts, read this.

Below are the wizards behind the curtain:

Josh Spencer
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Matt Johnson
Managing Editor

Jordan Butcher


None yet.  BEHOLD! is currently on hiatus, hoping to return in 2018 if not sooner.

If you’re interested in contributing, please email Josh above.