Doom Tiger – The Grasp EP

3540388955_photoDoom Tiger

The Grasp EP


David Taylor, the prolific one man machine behind Doom Tiger, is at it again.  His most recent EP, The Grasp, is mid-paced, doomy, blast-beat, shrieking vocals black metal, but with elements throughout lending a welcome element of groove. Though the funeral organ sounds on “Ad Portas Mortis” might provoke a smirk, can you expect anything less from a one-man bedroom extreme metal project? Check out the rest of Doom Tiger’s half a dozen recordings and you’ll hear a mix of doom metal, djent, and black metal tinkerings. If Meshuggah stomping through the Southern Lord catalog and mixing with SunnO))), Burning Witch, and Twilight sounds like a good time to you, Doom Tiger is your fix.  For straight up doom/black, start with The Grasp, but every release is different so try them all.



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